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ASC: Supports for Students - Academic Coaching and Study Skills

10 Steps to Better Test Taking

1. Memory data release

  • Write down information you may forget—formulas, dates, names, etc.

2. Preview test

  • Write your name on the test and read over all instructions and the entire test.

3. Second memory data release

  • Write down additional important information you may forget.

4. Test progress schedule

  • Decode the best way to get most points in the least time.

5. Answer easy questions

  • First, answer the easiest questions worth the most points.

6. Skip difficult questions

  • Read each question twice and set a time limit for solving it—or skip it.

7. Review skipped questions

  • Try to recall related information about each question.

8. Guess at remaining questions

  • Do not leave any question blank unless there is a penalty for wrong answers.

9. Review entire test

  • Look for misread directions and careless errors.

10. Use all of your test time

  • Stopping early can mean lost points on your test!