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Academic Coaching and Study Skills

Strategies for staying organized

With so many things changing in your courses, you might be reliving that first week of class confusion at finals-week pace.

Here are some things you might want to keep track of for each class:

  • Are in-person parts of the class changing?
  • What are the in-person parts of this course? (lecture, lab, etc.)
  • Where can you find it or how do you access it? (Webex, video lectures, etc.)
  • Is it at a specific time or can you watch it anytime? Are assignments changing?
  • Are there new due dates? (This LinkedIn Learning video provides tips for creating a master and daily plan
  • Is how you’re submitting your assignments changing?
  • Are any quizzes or exams being offered virtually?
  • What should you do if you need help?
  • Is your course offering virtual office hours? When and on what platform?
  • Is there an online forum for asking questions?

One example of a way you could keep track:

Graph with information for different classes