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How to apply your skills to thrive in online learning during COVID-19

As we move into online learning and adjusting to learning new technologies like WebEx, structuring our own daily schedules, or being supportive of friends and classmates, this is an opportunity to practice the skills that you’ve been learning and developing at Red River College Polytechnic.

Below, we ask you to reflect on the skills that you brought with you to Red River College Polytechnic from your previous experiences. Take a moment now to reflect on the skills that you’ve been developing recently, and how you might apply them to online learning.

  • How has communication changed moving online?
  • What are some new challenges that you’re facing?
  • Is there something within your control that you can do to overcome these challenges?

One example we can look at is moving to WebEx to attend online classes. This is probably a new technology to most students (Chelsey and myself included!) that we need to learn to use. But through practice of using computers to write papers, emails and run other software, we hope this transition was manageable due to the computer skills that you have developed here at Red River College Polytechnic.

Of course, social distancing means we are no longer physically in class with our peers and need to learn how to communicate and collaborate in different ways. With technologies available to us, reach out to classmates expressing empathy and compassion. These human skills are needed now more than ever. Help to keep those around you (virtually and in your household) in good spirits!

Cody and Chelsey


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