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Mindsets during COVID-19

Since the College has transferred your program of study to online platforms, what are some obstacles you’ve had to overcome to remain on track with your coursework?

  • Have you’ve been finding it difficult to adapt to the technology medium (e.g. LEARN, WebEx) your course is being delivered through?
  • Does it feel as though your inability to maneuver this software seamlessly is the cause of not being motivated to attend digital lectures or work on assignments?
  • Do you feel like it is impossible to stay on track with coursework, given how quickly the pandemic is evolving in Manitoba?
  • If you are living with loved ones and they are asking you to help out more around the house, does it feel hard to juggle multiple plates at once?
  • Does attempting to do so affect the amount of time you can dedicate to your studies in a day?  

If you find yourself saying yes to these questions, you may feel like your ability to grow is limited. However, if you are allowing this feeling to hold you back then you may be experiencing a fixed mindset.

Do you feel empowered to tackle the challenges that come your way and not let them hinder your ability to learn? Do you feel motivated to do well without a reward? If so, you may be experiencing an open mindset.

We understand the anxiety, stress, and loss that comes with the territory of social distancing and self-isolating. And, it is okay to take some downtime to reflect on how you feel and the resources you have to draw on. It is okay to not be as productive as you normally are. Your mental and physical well-being is just as important as your education right now.

Yet, while these challenges can get the better of us as students, we must take ownership of our ability to strategize and power through tough times. In the world of social media, it is possible to review You Tube tutorial videos on how certain software works. Or, you can reach out to your course instructors for additional insights. The Academic Success Centre and Library staff are also on hand to answer any questions you have. We also hope these blog entries help you gain perspective on which mindset you are approaching online learning with.

Chelsey and Cody


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