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Academic Coaching and Study Skills

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About this Blog Series

This series is designed to offer a deeper understanding of how different psychological concepts (e.g. memory, coping mechanisms for stress, emotions, mindset types, and motivation) impact our ability to learn.

Our brains are capable of processing and retaining an abyss of knowledge. And just like muscles, our brains need to be exercised in order to improve their strength.

We encourage you to check out our blog series which covers:

  • Managing test anxiety and time
  • Working memory
  • Emotions and learning
  • Mindfulness
  • The power of growth and fixed mindsets
  • Reading comprehension
  • Diversity and inclusion in the learning environment
  • Transferable skills for the workplace

In this series, we illustrate a few strategies you can use to have meaningful learning experiences. These strategies have done wonders for us as students! Our goal for these posts is to get you thinking in new and creative ways, strengthen your work and study habits, and be able to apply your course work to your career moving forward!

Cody and Chelsey

Meet Chelsey

Chelsey Finney

Chelsey Finney is an Academic Coach and Writing Tutor for the College’s Academic Success Center (ASC). She is a firm believer of how beneficial an open mindset can be for one’s learning and encourages students embrace the mantra of I do not know it yet. She also takes a very humanistic approach in the tutoring/coaching she provides students, encouraging them to reflect on their existing study habits, means of learning, and options for the way forward. From time to time, Chelsey assists the ASC in project-work to improve available student resources.

As of April 2020, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Psychology with a minor in Literature. She hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Social Psychology with a concentration in relationship formation and sustainment soon. In her spare time, Chelsey enjoys collaborating on research, sipping on caffeine, creative writing with headphones on, and travelling. 

Meet Cody

Cody Rogers

Picture of Cody Rogers

Hi, my name is Cody, and I’m a new academic coach at the academic success center. My background is in applied psychology and am currently working towards a Master’s in Sports psychology.

I have a passion for health and well-being and like to keep that in mind when coaching. It’s my goal to get you engaged in learning, and from studying psychology, I have learned that students who take charge of their own learning will show a lot of growth and improvement from where they started. I’m always happy to discover shared interests with students, some of mine include sports, movies, music and games to name a few. I like to help students find a way to apply something their interested in, towards their school work. Any way to bring something familiar to the college setting is a doorway to taking charge of their learning.