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Time management during COVID-19

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the structure of our daily routines has rapidly changed. This routine may have involved waking up early to fit a workout in before heading to campus for classes. It may have involved studying for an upcoming assessment in-between classes throughout the day. Or, rushing off to an evening shift after classes have ended for the day. In the wake of these changes, you may find yourself asking the following questions:

  • What is the point of keeping up with my day planner, when I don’t even have classes to go to anymore?
  • I don’t know if the same assignment deadlines still apply, so why should I make myself stay on track if there is more time to get things done?
  • How do I find the motivation to continue with my studies?

As many of us may know, effective time management is possible when you feel in control of your time. Amid COVID-19 cases emerging and the uncertainty of when schedules will return to normal, it can feel like you cannot plan because it is unclear what tomorrow will bring. We know this feeling all too well and have found that being present in the moment and creating short-term goals for ourselves is manageable.

For you, this may be asking yourself what it is that you want to accomplish today? This can range from beginning an assigned reading, outlining an upcoming essay, or allotting yourself time to practice mindfulness and exercise. To organize yourself, you may choose to create a to-do list of these daily goals and cross each off as you reach them.

With online learning, there is more responsibility and accountability placed on you as a student to remain on track with your studies. You are asked to engage in self-studies or log-in to attend virtual lectures, which you must make time for every day. In these blog posts, we hope to impart some strategies that make learning how to manage your time better easier.

Chelsey and Cody


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