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RefWorks (Software Instruction)

RefWorks online software simplifies the process of research, collaboration, data organization, and writing by providing an easy-to-use tool for citation, bibliography, and reference management. Learn how to build a collection of references.

Add reference from OneSearch

References can be added directly from OneSearch. When a reference is added this way it is strictly the citation information. PDFs or URLs will not be attached, though you could add them later by editing the reference if you want. See: Working with PDFs


1. Find your book or article in OneSearch



2. Click on the RefWorks button




3. Click "Yes, Export to the newest version of RefWorks"

Note: if you plan on doing a lot of references, you can:

  • Check the box and bypass this screen next time.


  • Go into Account (your name) >Settings > Database Exports and select to Always export to the newest version of RefWorks.
4. The reference will be imported into RefWorks.
    Click OK to continue.
    You can see new imports under "Last imported" and
    default folder location "Not in Folder"